Our hourly work/ advice rates differ depending on legal area, scope and complexity of issues. Hourly work/ advice rates vary from 1500 to 1800 Norwegian krones plus 25% VAT. We often offer package price when any assignments are carried out striving for a specific result. In any cases when there are relevant grounds, it is attempted to achieve recovery of any process costs.

General conditions

Legal assistance funded by the state (fri rettshjelp):

1. Primary legal aid (fritt rettsråd) includes supply of legal information, legal advice and lawyer‘s assistance in prejudicial process
2. Secondary legal aid (fri sakførsel) includes assistance of state guaranteed lawyer in judicial process: preparation of documents, defence and representation in cases, also representation of Your interests in settlement of disputes outside court
3. If Your property and annual income does not exceed the property and income level established by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway:
– Single persons: gross monthly income is less than NOK 20 500, whereas gross annual income is less than NOK 246 000
– Spouses/ cohabitees: household gross monthly income is less than NOK 30 750, whereas gross annual income is less than NOK 369 000
– Net property value should not exceed NOK 100 000

4. It is quite possible, that You are entitled to receive primary and/ or secondary legal aid in some specific cases, including:
– Possibly illegal dismissal from work (NB! State guaranteed legal aid is notprovided in the events when a person strives to recover unpaid wages, leave allowance, overtime, difference between agreed hourly rate and minimal hourly rate established by collective agreement)
– Termination of housing lease agreement or possibly illegal rejection from rented apartment
– Settlement of issues related to establishment of paternity rights, child guradianship (care), right to see own children, in cases of marriage disssolution or termination of cogabitees‘ relationship
– Possibly illegal child abduction to Lithuania or any other foreign state
– Appealing against NAV decisions

Persons whose household annual income exceeds the amount of NOK 100 000 and who are provided the state guaranteed legal aid, shall be obligated to pay the surcharge (egenandel) established by the Government in such cases when legal aid requires more than two hours.

In the event of primary legal aid, amount of the surcharge is equal to the hourly rate amount established by the Government, currently it comes to NOK 995. In the event of secondary legal aid, the compulsory surcharge comes to 25% of all costs, however not more than 5 x amount of the hourly rate established by the Government, which currently amounts to NOK 4975.

State guaranteed legal aid, in the event if relevant requirements are met, may be provided to any persons, irrespective of the fact if You are a citizen of the Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Lithuania or any other state.

If You are of the opinion that You are entitled to the state guaranteed legal aid, please complete enclosed application form and forward it to the lawyer by e-mail together with income and property declarations of the last two – ended – years, last three payslips or NAV reports on payouts received within last three months. Please indicate on the subject line: “Fri rettshjelp?”

Standard form for legal aid