– advices on all issues of labour law

– recovery of unpaid wages, leave allowances, overtime, difference between agreed hourly rate and minimal hourly rate established by collective agreement

– representation in prejudicial and judicial labour dispute settlement stages.

– advices on issues with regard to company incorporation in the Kingdom of Norway (private company, AS, ANS/DA), registration of Lithuanian companies in the Kingdom of Norway (NUF), sale-purchase of companies, winding-up of companies

– representation during incorporation/ registration of a selected type company

– preparation of contracts and other documents.

– advices on all issues of tax law

– advices to juridical entities incorporated in Lithuania and registered in the Kingdom of Norway (NUF) with regard to terms and conditions of avoidance of double taxation agreements and their practical application

– advices on recovery of tax arrears incurred in the Kingdom of Norway, in foreign states, as for e.g. Lithuania.

– we prepare, analyse and correct contracts of all types

– we give advice on drafting, fulfilment and termination of contracts.
– we defend client’s interests in prejudicial and judicial disputes, when contracting party fails to fulfil or unduly fulfils its contractual obligations.

– we execute, supervise and handle recovery of debts, awarded alimony in Norway,prepare documents substantiating debt repayment security, carry out negotiations with regard to repayment of debts and accomplishment of any other feasible alternative debt security methods.

– advices on issues with regard to property right of cohabitees, spouses, entering into marriage agreements, also marriage dissolution, support of spouses and children, paternity establishment, agreements of paternity rights, children guardianship (care), parents’ right to see their children and any other issues.

– advices on all property inheritance issues, preparation of last will according to private needs.

– advices on all issues of child rights protection, representation of client’s interests inmeetings with officials of child rights protection service in fylkesnemnda and court.

– advices on all issues of immigration law, including deportation, cancellation or reduction of deportation term, issues of refugee rights, also issues related to the right to citizenship of citizens of the EU and any third countries (non-EU states)

– we represent in refugee cases, submit applications for visas and temporary/ permanent residence and work permits for citizens of any third countries, supervise and handle relevant processes.

– we prepare legal opinion. Professional legal opinion assists in settling any disputes as early as in prejudicial stage, assessment of any factual circumstances and actions with regard to their conformity to the law, and helps to avoid any disputes in the future.